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Expendables“ meets the „A-Team“ in this full throttle action film, where a group of skilled mercenaries find themselves betrayed by the US government and are forced to fight their way out of an ambush by a new, and lethal team of human droids.

Mitchell Gould


Michael Philip


Jo Marr



Vincent Riekker runs an elite team of mercenaries, often secretly employed by the US Government to execute its dirty work around the globe. A job to capture the heir to Zambia’s dictatorship and kill the Russian arms dealer supplying him goes off smoothly, and the Zambian heir, Francois Baptiste, is easily delivered to US Agents Smith and Hayes.

Karl Kess is the US sanctioned arms dealer that hires Riekker’s team to secure the Russian dealer’s guns so they can be sold to the Zambian rebels, with the covert financial backing of the US. The CIA has also sent along an observation team to monitor the operation. Agent Hayes, doing little to hide her hatred for Riekker, leads the CIA group, who look more like Spec Ops than supervisors and will be following the guns into Zambia in order to help the rebels.

Agent Smith, Kess and Army General Callahan are running a different operation from the base. They plan on using Riekker’s team to test out Kess’s new drone soldiers. But when Riekker realizes something is not right, he partners each of his men with one of the Spec Ops, complicating Smith and Callahan’s operation and putting US soldiers in the line of fire.

Riekker’s team manages to beat down the two drones that are deployed against them. Hayes lases most of her men in the process, with only her and an agent named Barnes surviving. Barnes knows the plan, and after Dax, the youngest member of Riekker’s team, tortures him to death. the team is informed as well, and Agent Hayes quickly shifts her loyalties. Forced to confront several more drones the stakes are even higher than before because now Riekker and team aren’t just test targets, they are knowledgeable liabilities. For a while, the team’s attack strategy works, but as they begin to run out of bullets, they start to find themselves overwhelmed .

Dax and Valkryie (former SAS and longtime friend af Riekker) are caught in surprise fire. They are rescued by Shiro (knife specialist) and Grigori (ex-Russian military) but Grigori takes a lethal fall out of a window with a drone. Realizing his team is outnumbered, Riekker races to help Shiro, Dax and Valkryie, and Hayes has little choice but to follow him.

Riekker realizes that the drones are moving too fast to be controlled by long distance satellite so they decide the drone pilots must be somewhere in the vicinity. Kess is sure that his drones have won, but Riekker manages to make an incredible shot, destroying the on location satellite and taking the drones offiine.

Kess, Smith and Callahan try to make a quick exit via helicopter, but Riekker and Hayes have beaten them to their helicopter. The confrontation ends with a bullet through Callahan’s forehead and hand-to-hand combat, with Hayes going after her boss Smith and Riekker going after Kess. Riekker breaks Kess’s neck and Hayes grounds Smith with a bullet to the head.

The team regroups and gets back on their plane after offloading a bomb that had been planted there, and as they fly off into the sunset, Riekker offers the now jobless Agent Hayes a spot on his team. She says she’ll give it some thought.



Handsome and horn ta lead. Ex-US military and Navy Seals whose expertise is in logistics.


Exotic European looks combined with lethal skills. Ex-Interpol and a highly trained marksman.


American, 35 with wirery boyish looks. OCD. ADD and has unusual ways to get information out of the enemy.


A stoic Asian. whose weapon of choice is the dagger.


A massive Russian with special forces training in<br /> hand-to-hand combat.


Serbian billionaire, 55, Arms dealer. Sauve hut dangerous looking.